You better take a trip with us. Here is why.

Our Value


First, you need the driver. Fall into the wrong person / driver could turn your trip into an unpleasant situation. So we make sure our driver team is:

  • Experienced

Experience in tourism places, culture and regions in Bali, and been with hundreds of guests before, is a must. even now we have online map services, but understanding and knowledge about destinations, region, and culture is very much needed in case something unusual happened such as special days for religious ceremonial that can turn into road blocking. An experienced driver can prevent you to fall in that situation or at least suggest you some solutions. Been with hundreds of guests also shape a driver into a driver that understands what guest needs.

  • Polite

We all don’t like impolite person. Some guests maybe comfortable to become friends with driver with more easy and friendship words of language, but still impolite is impolite. that’s unpleasant.

  • Emphasis of DUI

Driving under the influence. Of what? Drugs, weeds and alcohols. Some guests maybe didn’t realise that once they with a driver that still influenced by alcohols, weeds, or drugs. So this is a very dangerous situation. Even drugs is a serious offense here in Bali and should be very, very hard to have those things, but still we need to take a serious attention to prevent this happened to you. Even if the driver is just a little bit under the influence of alcohol, that will cost us money back guarantee for you and work termination for the driver.

  • Properly Dressed

So okay, for this one peoples will have a different standard of what is proper. But at least they will wear button up shirt or polo shirt and shoes.

  • Excellent service
So what are the things that drivers need to do for their service to you? Here are they:
  • always open door for you (at possible places)
  • greetings
  • load luggage into or out of the car
  • explain information about the trip (hours, destinations, area, overtime charge, etc)
  • introduce his/her self
  • knows your name
  • may recommends destinations but never insist
  • talks more to the male guest if they are couple
  • not interrupt you if you are talking with each other or at least he/she will excuse to interrupt
  • not swearing for others driver recklessness (even in Indonesian/Balinese language)


After we make sure you have your nice driver, now we talk about the car.

  • At least five years old To ensure comfortability, we will make sure that you on a ride by maximum (oldest) 5 years old car, so we reduce the risk of trouble for the car on the trip
  • Have wheel jack and spare wheel No one wants to be in a flat tire situation. Then if you are on a tour with us, so please give our driver one hour to change the tire because he will have the wheel jack and spare wheel. Surely we will give another hour for you as a replacement. And if the flat tire cost you more than one hour, that will cost us money back guarantee for you.
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